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QUESTION: What are B2B (business-to-business) lists?

ANSWER: B2B lists reach people at their office or workplace. Consumer lists reach people at home. B2B lists are used for business, professional, industrial and, occasionally, investment offers where the product or service will likely be used – and paid for – by a person in a business or professional context.

QUESTION: How much time should be allowed for list ordering and delivery?

ANSWER: Since list orders are produced according to your detailed specifications, time must be
allowed for fulfillment. Most orders for domestic USA lists are shipped within 7 to 10 working days of receipt by the list owner or manager.

QUESTION: Why are lists so important to the success of my direct marketing campaign?

ANSWER: Experts agree that your choice of lists has more impact on the response produced by your direct marketing effort than any other decision you make. A poorly conceived marketing message will pull more response from a well-targeted list, than a well-conceived message will from a poorly targeted list.

QUESTION: What is a typical response rate for a B2B marketing effort?

ANSWER: Response rates for B2B marketing efforts run from fractions of one percent to as much as 5% or more depending on the nature of the offer. A high-priced offer (e.g. $100+) will normally have a much lower response rate than a low-priced or free offer.

QUESTION: What is keycoding and why is it so important?

ANSWER: The keycode is a simple, powerful way to track the response produced by a particular list. It’s a set of unique alphabetical or numeric characters recorded on the response device
(order form, etc.), so that its return tells the marketer which list produced the response.

QUESTION: What is “Full Bleed” or “Print to the Edge”?

ANSWER: Full bleed indicates that the artwork image runs right to the edges of a mailer. We must print on a larger sheet and trim the page to size to achieve the “print to the edge ” results.

QUESTION: What formats are supported for my artwork and images?

ANSWER: Cyberex Marketing supports almost all versions of Microsoft Word, Adobe Photo Shop, Indesign and Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Powerpoint, PDF or Postscript files.

QUESTION: My file is too big to upload. Can I send in a disk?

ANSWER: Yes. Please contact customer service for instructions.

QUESTION: What mail list formats can be uploaded?

ANSWER: Excel, MDB (Microsoft Access), and CSV (from virtually anything)

QUESTION: How long will it take for my mailing to be delivered?

ANSWER: That depends on time of year, class of mail selected, and destination. First Class mail
generally reaches all destinations within 1-5 business days. Standard mail (often referred to as
” bulk” mail) is delivered in 5-21 days nationwide. Mail deliveries can take significantly longer from Dec. 10-25.

QUESTION: How long will it take Cyberex Marketing to prepare my mailing?

ANSWER: Your mailing will be completed and mailed within 3 to 5 business days after you approve your proof. We print and mail most orders by the end of the 3rd business day after the proof is approved.

QUESTION: I want to mail a piece that is different from Cyberex Marketing’s standard items. Is that possible?

ANSWER: We recommend that you try to use our standard sizes as they are designed to save you money. However, if you have other needs, please send us an email or call us with your specific request(s).

QUESTION: Are there any setup charges, plate charges, upload or download charges?

ANSWER: Never. Our pricing calculator will accurately price your mailing with NO hidden
charges ever.