Subscription Based Websites

Plans and Pricing

We have plans to fit every need and every budget! View the list of services and cost associated with the various plans and contact us to get you on the road to an up-to-date website.

A subscription based plan gives you all the features and functionality of a standard website, but it allows you to spread the cost out over time. This option is the perfect answer if you would like to have an up-to-date website presence, great search engine position, and not have the initial large out-of-pocket expense of a standard plan. You may cancel your subscription without penalty and the website is yours after the first 12 months.

Subscription Website FAQ’s

Choose an Unique Domain Name (Web Address)

When you purchase a subscription website plan, we will provide you with your own unique domain name for your company website. This is the website address that your customers will use to find your business and view your products or services. It is an important branding benefit. Many of the “build it yourself” free websites will require you to use their name as part of your company website address. This could denigrate your business brand and identity! Potential customers have to know who they are dealing with and feel confident that your business is a viable entity for you to be successful.

Website Hosting

Cyberex Marketing Inc. is a reseller for Hostgator, a leading provider of website hosting services. We buy blocks of hosting services and make that available to our clients. This means you have the reliability of a major company with 24/7 support and the personal attention provided by Cyberex Marketing Inc.

We Provide an SSL Certificate for Your Website

Our Platinum Package includes an SSL certificate for your site at no additional charge. SSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website. Two important reasons why you would need an SSL Certificate, the first and most common reason is because you want to accept credit card payments on your website. The second reason is that you may have confidential information that you want to keep secure while it is being accessed via the web. SSL Certificates also help to protect your passwords from being intercepted when typed into a secure login page.

Custom Built Website

Your website will be built to your exact specifications. All of the features included within your site are intended to present your products or services in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner. This will allow your visitors to navagate easily through your website. The easier it is for your visitors to locate what they are looking for, the better your conversion rate. It will help you maximize your profits and minimize the time you spend managing your online presence. In addition, you have control over how you use your company name and brand within your site, including color, copy and images. You may provide whatever photo images you like or we will purchase them for you — the same applies for copy. You may use your copy or your may elect to have us write the copy for you at a small charge. You will never incur an expense without prior notice and consent.

Custom Email Addresses

Each subscription based website includes custom email addresses that are specific to your company branded domain.  ie. This eliminates the need to use @aol, @gmail or @hotmail email addresses. WIth a personalized email address you show your clients that you are a viable business that they can feel confident in conducting business with.

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