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Mobile Websites

Why Consider a Mobile Version of Your Website

More and more customers are using mobile devices in addition to their desktop computers when shopping online.

The graphic on the left shows how online consumers use an combination of devices to evaluate and purchase products and services.

As an internet marketer it is important to offer your customers and prospects a positive shopping experience when they are considering your products or services. A site that is difficult to use on a mobile device will not only frustrate customers, it may send them to the competition.

What makes for a good mobile web site experience?

  • Simplified navigation
  • Fast page loading time
  • Efficient redirects that automatically send the visitor to the mobile version of the page
  • Easy to read text so that the user does not have to scroll or zoom in
  • Click to call feature that allows them to easily contact you
  • Mobile maps that allow your prospective customers to easily find your business

Cyberex with provide you with a mobile version of your web site that will be readily viewed on all major smartphones:

  • iPhones
  • Andriods
  • Windows Phone

Engaging Your Customers on a Mobile Device


If your company offers products for sale on the internet it is important to understand consumer behavior.

As more consumers make purchases from their mobile devices, the need to understand and respond to consumer behavior becomes all the more important for retailers. With consumers placing higher priority on convenience than the ability to price check or receive promotions, retailers need to focus on making a seamless shopping experience that quickly connects the buyer to what they want. Highly detailed product pages and multiple layers of navigation may seem important to companies, but these practices only serve to frustrate today’s consumers who expect lightning-fast results. In a Forrester study, online retailer Fab attributes one third of their sales to having fewer elements that can distract consumers from buying.

The information shown in the graph on the right shows how you need to consider what your buyer are looking for in an on-line buying experience.

*2015 Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey Results

Cyberex with provide you with a mobile version of your web site that will

be readily viewed on all major smartphones:

•iPhones      •Androids      •Windows Phone      •Blackberry


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